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15 skills you must to know for the dough

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With the improvement of people's consumption level and the improvement of the quality of life, more and more people are beginning to like the baking industry. They even turn baking into an indispensable pleasure in life.

In fact, baking has a lot of fun things in it, not boring, but if you want to make delicious bread, cakes, it really takes a little effort.

First, roll the dough

The literal meaning is very simple, but in fact it is tricky to roll around,it need good skills. This step is mainly to make some bubbles in the dough disappear and promote the uniformity of the internal tissue of the dough.


scroll dough

Second, press the dough

This step is simple, but it must be done.


Pressing dough

Third, beaten the dough

Pull a part of the dough in your hand and repeatedly beat the other part of the dough on the panel to strengthen the gluten.


Flipping dough

Fourth, wrap dough

Like dumplings, wrap some cheese, almonds, cranberries, raisins, etc. to increase the taste of the dough.


Wrap dough

Five, kneading the dough

Common tips for wrapping the filling with dough .


Kneading the dough

Six, roll flat the dough

This is very well understood, similar to our dumpling skin, with a rolling pin to flatten.


rolling dough

Seven, pull the dough

This process is the most interesting process, and attention the dough must be uniform.

Pulling dough


Eight, knead the dough

Knead the dough into a stick.


Kneading dough搓面团

Nine, turn the dough

Similar to kneading dough, the difference is that the dough will be a bit like twist.


Turn the dough

Ten, roll dough

Roll the dried dough into a bucket shape.


Roll dough

Eleven, folded dough

This skill is used to make multiple layers of bread.


Folded dough

Twelve, cut the dough

This is cut according to the pre-effect of our dough making, and it is also made to make dough of various shapes.

Cutting the dough


Thirteen, cut the dough

The effect of this incision is well reflected in the French stick.

Cutting the dough2


Fourteen, beaten the dough

Use your thumb to remove the gas from the dough so that they can be fully adhered and firmer, making the fermentation more perfect.

Beaten the dough

Fifteen, squeeze the dough

Make the dough oval according to your needs.

Squeeze the dough

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