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Bakery bread kneading equipment

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Are you running a catering industry or a small bakery? Then the bakery bread kneading equipment series is your best choice! Our professional kneading machines also feature industrial motors, a rugged construction and a Centra screw kneading system.

Dough kneading machine, perfect composition, ideal texture. Several accessories include a beater, a dough hook and a blender to prepare different ingredients. Features include planetary motion, pulse function and shift head. The multi-face speed mixer is fully controllable.


The Mysun dough kneader is equipped with a timer, ie the machine is automatically switched off after a set time has elapsed.

Detachable bowl

Thanks to the bayonet lock, the bowl can be easily removed. All parts in contact with the dough are made of stainless steel.

Centra spiral kneading system

The powerful and precise Centra spiral kneading system mixes evenly and kneads strongly. The working radius of the strong kneading hook extends to the middle of the bowl.

Rugged chain drive

High quality materials ensure long life, even when processing thick dough, which is the practice of bakeries.

Well-designed details

The lid of the SP machine can be folded back and the entire kneading arm can be lifted for easy cleaning.

Business factor

The SPM series comes standard with two speeds, two timers and a pre-pinch level.

Spiral and dough distribution rod

The huge kneading screw and dough divider work powerfully and precisely - especially for small amounts of dough.

Two motors

Both the bowl and the kneading arm are driven by separate industrial motors. All machines have a pre-kneading level that can be run at the first speed.

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