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Baking "old driver" summed up the baking skills -- Attention point of egg whisking

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There are still a lot of points need your attention when you beating eggs. Here are some precautions to help novice better learn how to whisk eggs.

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The following points need to be noted:

1, Eggs must be taken out of the refrigerator in advance to return to the natural temperature.

2, Add a little salt to the egg white, add two or three drops of white vinegar (or lemon juice).

3, before whisking egg white, put it in microwave oven to rotated for 10 mins.

As long as you do the above three points, you can quickly get a good foaming egg white even though with a pair of chopsticks.

When we make chiffon cake or a light cheesecake, sometimes the granules are not delicate enough. At this time, you can sift through the yolk paste, or use the after-mixing egg yolk method to solve this problem.Eggs are a nutritious food, and egg whites and egg yolks have a positive effect on human health. But on some occasions we need to separate the egg whites from the egg yolks,for example, when making a chiffon cake, pickling some meat, and so on.So how can you quickly and effectively separate the egg white from the egg yolk? Tell everyone the following five methods.

1.Use a thick needle to make a small hole at each end of the eggshell. The egg white will flow out and the egg yolk will remain intact in the shell.

2.Break the eggs (put a bowl underneath), split them into two, then pour the eggs back and forth, so that the egg whites will flow into the bowl, and the yolk will stay in the shell.

3.Using the big colander, hit 3 eggs, pay attention not to break the yolk when you hit, then gently shake the colander to let the egg white leak from the hole. It's easy to separate and leave only the egg yolk.

4.Put the eggs in a bowl, take a clean empty mineral water bottle, squeeze the bottle, use the bottle mouth to face the egg yolk, just let go, the egg yolk will enter the bottle.

5. Place the egg in the funnel and the egg white can flow down the funnel while the egg yolk remains in the funnel.

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