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Baking "old driver" summed up the baking skills --Egg topic

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Baking techniques are the experience of baking old drivers through various failures.In order to let the novices go over some of the "troubles" faster, just come and learn!

whisking egg

Egg topic

It is more difficult for the whole egg whisk than only whisk egg white. because the oil contained in the egg yolk will inhibit the foaming of the egg white. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the temperature by water heating method to reduce the surface tension of the egg, which is easier to whisk.When heated by water,it starts to heat up slowly with cold water and small fire until the cold water in the pot is slightly hot. It can flameout, and seize the chance of there having residual temperature,continue stirring the egg liquid.Don't sit in the hot water from the beginning. If the water is too hot, the egg mixture on the side of the pot will be cooked. Try it when you're making cake that need whole egg whisk!

planetary mixer egg white whisking-wet and dry

When you are whisking the egg white, be sure to use oil-free containers and egg beaters. You can drop a few drops of lemon juice when you are playing. This can help you to whisk and get rid of stink. In addition, the sugar that can be used for egg white can not contain starch.Must do not use coarse granulated sugar, the coarse sugar is not easy to melt.

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