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Bowl Lifted Mixers

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Mysun series two-speed dough mixer has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, stable performance, strong strength, durability and high efficiency. It uses the speed difference between the high-speed rotating spiral auger and the low-speed rotating stainless steel cylinder to push, pull, press and knead the dough to mix and hydrate the dough with various raw materials to improve the water absorption of the dough and increase the dough strength. . Create good conditions for the production of high quality bread.

The Bowl Lifted Mixers can also stir other foods.



1. The Bowl Lifted Mixers is sturdy and durable, reliable, stable in operation and easy to operate.

2. The spiral mixing arm and shaft are made of high-strength stainless steel, which is suitable for the mixing of various doughs.

3. All Bowl Lifted Mixers are two-speed timers. The control panel integrates all operating functions, including manual and computer control, fast and slow, and forward and reverse.

4. High water absorption, up to 57%


Our larger capacity Bowl Lifted Mixers are designed to help you be more efficient in the kitchen, but our Bowl Lifted Mixers give you something more.The bowl carry style makes it convenient to feature ingredients whereas intermixture, and also the lever swimminglyraises and lowers the bowl for additional economical contact between the beater and ingredients.

Easily prepare mashed potatoes, combine multiple batches of cookie dough or knead dough with our bowl-lift stand mixers.

You can create everything from fresh burgers to pasta, veggie noodles and more.

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