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Bread Loaf Slicer

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Bread loaf slicer is a device that automatically cuts prepared (cooked) baked products into several pieces instead of hand-applied kitchen utensils. it includes:

 Divide the blade into several standard sizes and then cut the pattern. The cutting process is triggered by the sidebar

 Daggers for easy packaging of sliced products

 Collector drawer debris generated during the cutting process

Commercial bread slicer is available in both standard and stainless steel versions.

The bread slicer is ideal for small wholesale and large retail bakeries that produce large amounts of sliced bread, designed to maximize safety. This versatile bread cutting machine with gravity feed reduces the gap between manual bread cutters and actual industrial machines.


Bread, bread and cake bread are placed one by one on the feeding tray. All types of white bread and sweet bread, dry bread can be sliced without waste or damage.

The commercial slicer cuts the bread into slices of the same thickness as required. The slice appears at the output. They are located on the collection tray and can be manually packaged in stencil or polyethylene bag construction: all steel welded construction greases package heavy duty ball and roller bearings for smooth and easy operation. The blades are individually mounted under balanced tension. Replaceable special steel blades for long-term slicing of rusks and cakes, ensuring low maintenance.


Continuous operation of the bread slicing machine is extremely simple and silent operation for longer blade life and smoother cutting. Easy to replace blades up to 16

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