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Bread making some skills and experience - Tip 1: mixing dough (1)

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The degree of gluten release of dough will determine the fineness of the bread. The whole process of kneading the dough is the process of forming the tissue toughness of the dough.

The initial stage of the dough (the stage of the gluten release)

At the beginning of the flour and other materials mixing, they were very loose and did not form gluten. With manual or mechanical agitation and tanning, the flour gradually began to form a dough, and no loose flour was seen at the mixing bowl. This indicates that the dough gluten has been released, the surface of the dough at this stage is rough, gluten toughness is not strong!

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1 Mix dry ingredients (flour, yeast, etc.) first, then add wet ingredients (eggs, water, etc.)

2 Avoid direct contact between yeast and salt, if they touch together, don't worry ,just mix dry ingredients as soon as possible is ok.

3 The flour's wetness have some difference on different seasons and brands. When adding water, do not add all of water at one time, and leave some water to adjust.

4 The dough has just been mixed is stick hand, but the dough which release gluten is not as sticky as the beginning.

5 Different dough have different requirements on the amount of liquid. The less the amount of liquid, the harder it is to mix. It depends on the which bread you actual make, you can't increase the amount of liquid because it doesn't easy to mix.

Of course , if you use MYSUNs spiral dough mixer , it will save so much trouble , the time and temperature are all calculated by technical, even your are a novice , you also can make perfect dough.

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