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Bread making some skills and experience - Tip 1: mixing dough (2)

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In the last article, we talked about some of the initial skills and how to know if the dough is release gluten. Today, we talk about the extended stage of the dough (the filming stage).

This stage indicates that the gluten has been extended to a certain extent, the surface is smoother, and it can be pulled apart to form a relatively tough film, but the hole is more likely to appear, and the edge of the hole is irregularly jagged! At this time, the dough is suitable for making sweet bread or conditioning bread. The finished product is soft and delicious.

bread dough mixer film


1 knead dough: It is the non-stop kneading, this stage of the kneading technique only have one purpose that is to let the dough gluten continuously generated! 

2 Beat dough: The dough is stretched repeatedly during the process of beating, which helps the dough to stretch better!

3 Fold dough: Fold the dough and continuously beating the dough until the dough is smooth!

4 Add softened butter: softened butter, not melted butter . If the butter is not softened in advance, use a hand to pinch it and warm it with your hands. Premature fat addition will affect the dough gluten, but adding it after the dough can form film will help the dough to stretch.


Of course , Also that sentence , if you use MYSUNs spiral dough mixer , these problem will all solved , the time and temperature are all calculated by technical, whatever what bread you wanna make , you just need to set up the time according to the cookbook . its very easy to make excellent dough,even your are a new hand.

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