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Bread making some skills and experience - Tip 1: mixing dough (3)

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The last time I talked about the initial stage of the dough, the stage about the extended stage of the dough (the filming stage), now we talk about the stage of Full extension of the dough (glove film stage).

The gluten at this stage has reached a state of complete expansion. The surface of the dough is very smooth, and it can pull out a thin film and even cover the entire palm. So many people in the industry also call it a "glove film." At this time, the dough is not prone to holes, and even if you use the finger to make a hole on it, the edges of the holes will be very smooth and round. Such dough can be made into delicate bread such as toast!




1 knead and beat the dough,there is no skill at all except kneading and beating the dough when reaches this stage.

dough 1


2 Do not continue to knead the dough when it reaches the glove film stage. Otherwise, the gluten will break, the dough will lose its elasticity, and if use this dough which is excessive-kneaded to make bread,the bread will be small, and have rough hole, the taste is also bad.

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