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Bread making some skills and experience - Tip 2: Dough fermentation

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There is a saying that yeast is the soul of bread.But whether the soul is beautiful or not depends on what kind of fermentation method.Each fermentation method has a great impact on the flavor of the bread.

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First method:Direct method (One fermentation)

The direct method is the most basic method of bread fermentation, and the easiest way to make bread. This method is generally used in household baking! After mixing all the ingredients, let stand for half an hour, turn the dough, and let stand another one hour!

This method is short in process and time-saving. It is a fermentation method that many bakeries will choose. Because the direct method produces bread with less water, so the taste are slightly lacking.

Second method :Cold storage method (Fermented next day)

The dough prepared the day before was fermented at a low temperature for 18 hours, and the next day, it was taken out and then subjected to subsequent shaping, fermentation and baking.


This method allows natural yeast to have enough time to brew an excellent flavor. Compared with the direct method, the finished bread has a more flavor and taste.  this method is not easy to control the time and the dough is easy to over-fermented or under-fermented!

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