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Bread making some skills and experience - Tip 3 : Baking of the dough

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Kneading and fermentation are a relatively long process.

It takes time and effort,But this kind of pay must be rewarded,The baked bread will surprise you.


Before roasting

In order to give the baked bread a beautiful color, we need to apply some liquid on the surface of the bread. Water, milk, whole egg liquid, egg yolk liquid, etc. are all popular liquids. Depending on the liquid, the effect is different. For example, water is mainly used to brush the surface of crusty bread; while whole egg liquid is suitable for most sweet bread.


Baking temperature and time

Be sure to bake according to the temperature and time given by the recipe!

This step is very important. If the baking time is too short, the bread will not cooked,the bread sticky teeth and will collapse. The time is too long and the bread surface is hard and even burnt! If the temperature is too high or too low, the bread will not be cooked inside, or the skin will not be colored, which will seriously affect the taste and texture of the bread!

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