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China Commercial Bakery Kneading Machine supplier

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30 years of experience has made Mysun the center of competence for modern and high performance China Commercial Bakery Kneading Machine supplier.

With the Mysun Dough Kneading Machine, you'll get the perfect kneading dough because these doughs use the proven Centra screw kneading system - the only way to achieve the highest quality for your baked goods. The system ensures even and even mixing of the dough - the dough temperature is extremely low. Our bread kneading machine can process smaller amounts into perfect dough.

The Mysun Bakery Kneading Machine has excellent machining and a long service life. These devices are easy to maintain, user friendly and require little maintenance. All important components in contact with the dough are made of stainless steel.

Mysun dough kneaders meet the highest quality requirements for professional and private use.

Soft, flexible dough

Only good dough can make good bread! The powerful and precise Centra spiral kneading system evenly mixes and kneads the dough strongly. The different rotation speeds of the dough hook and bowl support the effect of uniform mixing. The working radius of the block dough hook extends to the middle of the bowl and also facilitates handling of the minimum amount (approximately 10% of the maximum amount can be kneaded as a minimum amount).


Industrial motor

At the heart of our dough kneader is a powerful industrial motor that shows its strength even in the case of heavy dough. Quiet operational noise levels and a good machine base prove this.

Easy to clean

Up to SP 40 KA models, the bowl can be removed and the kneading arm lifted. Therefore, the machine is easy to clean and operate.

food safety

All parts in contact with the dough, such as kneading arms and bowls, are made of high quality, food safe stainless steel.

Sturdy structure

The outer casing is made of thick steel and is impervious to water due to the powder coating. The chain drives the kneading arm and bowl for a lifetime.


All our machines are equipped with circuit breakers. When the kneading arm or protective cover is raised, the machine automatically turns off. All machines are approved by GS ("Safety Test").


The integration time helps to easily set and monitor the duration of the kneading. After the set time has elapsed, the machine automatically closes to prevent excessive kneading of the dough.

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