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China Commercial Combination Oven Exporter Tells You Combi Oven Maintenance and Cleaning

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Combi oven maintenance and cleaning

In the long run, spending time maintaining your commercial combined oven will save you money because regular maintenance can make your restaurant equipment work longer. Keep the following precautions in mind when servicing and cleaning commercial combination ovens.


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Serve your commercial combination oven every 6 months.

Always check that the drain is in place. Without a drain screen, food can accumulate and block the drain.

Clean and lubricate the door seal to achieve the correct door seal.

The water entering the combined furnace should always be treated with a filtration system. This will slow the accumulation of deposits in the unit's waterline. It also reduces the build-up of the combined oven heater, water probe and cooking chamber to help it run as efficiently as possible.

Cleaner water also provides an improved food taste. Check the manufacturer's requirements to find the right filtration system for your combination oven.


Always check the manufacturer's instructions before cleaning. Each combination furnace is different and the instructions may vary by model.

Most combination ovens have a self-cleaning function using a tablet or liquid detergent. Be sure to check your user manual for advice from the manufacturer regarding the use of cleaners in combination ovens.

Avoid using abrasive cleaning equipment such as steel wool, detergents and wire brushes to clean the combination oven. This can damage your device.

Make sure the food probe is cleaned frequently for proper sanitation.

Wipe your combination oven with a non-abrasive sponge before performing the cleaning cycle.

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