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China Dough Mixer Suppliers Recommend You to Use Spiral Mixer

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Looking at the budget mixer to make a thick dough like na bread? We do not recommend this because incorrect use of the dough mixer does not solve the warranty problem. If you insist, then we recommend buying a reputable brand. No matter what you do, make sure you don't get enough size - you need energy to mix the dough!

Kitchen Usage

Establishments with less interest in versatility, and more interested in solely mixing a high-volume of dough may opt for a spiral mixer, which is also known as a dough mixer. The rotational movement of its spiral hooks with a rotating bowl makes the spiral mixer great for creating perfectly homogeneous dough. The way this works is:

· The bowl's spinning motion creates more torque for use with dense dough - like pizza dough or other high density, specialty, and ethnic dough.

· The spinning bowl along with the spiral hook creates an environment that is gentler on the dough while mixing.

Spiral mixers come in a variety of capacities with some of the largest models able to tackle up to 600 pounds of dough at a time, making it a great bakery mixer or a bread mixer for large operations such as a pizzeria.


A standard spiral mixer will typically only have a dough hook and bowl.

Features/ Benefits

A spiral mixer is a much better choice for high volumes of dough making it much quicker than a planetary mixer.



Your spiral mixer requires maintenance in order to continue operating at its best. In some cases you can troubleshoot the unit on your own, but it’s important to know when to call a service technician. For example, if the main power switch is ON but the spiral hook does not start, the micro switch on the bowl guard may be defective, and you will need to call a technician to replace the bowl guard. Do not use extension cords to connect power, and always follow the capacity chart for mixing dough. Your spiral mixer will come with a manual guide with complete recommendations for you to follow in all instances.

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