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China automatic cake production line wholesale

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Automatic cake production lines are a good example of high quality equipment embedded in high performance lines. The cooperating companies with Mysun can contribute to the excellent result of this basic production line. Depending on the capacity of the production line, which may range from about 2,000 to 10,000 products per hour, the line is fully designed according to the customer's specifications. After preparing the dough with dough mixer, the belts with the dough pieces are transferred to the ripening cake. For Automatic cake production lines, the straps are automatically equipped with a lid once they leave the final propeller. The cooked products are cooled and the empty plates return through the cooling tunnel for the placement of the dough.

. The storage module takes care of automatic form exchange when other types of cake have to be produced. The baking quality, reliability and efficiency of these Automatic cake production lines meet the highest global standards.


Characteristics of Automatic cake production lines

Adopts imported electrical components, 

Frequency control of speed, 

Efficient energy-saving, 

Either single or combined controlment.


The automatic cake production lines including the following equipment,you can choose the suitable equipment according to your production capacity.

· Spiral Mixer: 15kg flour,25 kg flour,50 kg flour,75 kg flour,100 kg flour. 

· Dough Divider: depends on which way to divide the dough, this machine can form different kinds of bread. manual dough divider,semi-automatic dough divider and rounder,fully-auto dough divider and rounder,Hydraulic dough divider.

· Proofer: this is for a good condition for bread fermenting. Proofer, retarder proofer

· Baking oven: can use one of the ovens to bake the toast.Deck oven(gas/electric),Rotary oven(gas,electric,diesel),Tunnel oven(gas/electric)

· Water Chiller: consistently deliver lowest 5C cold water for control of your dough temperature.

· Cooling and Sterilization: For natural cooling and sterilization before packing.

· Packing machine: for Packing in bag in different style.


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