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China automatic toast production line wholesale

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The quality of our products is the best, because we use high quality export quality raw materials, all our raw materials are imported from overseas, with the best quality, so we are very popular all over the world, our automatic toast production line are installed in large manufacturing companies. We make two types of toast making machine: One is High Speed Single Toast  making machine and High speed round roll toast slicing machine.

We have a group of experienced engineers with long-term experience who can make automatic toast production line and provide our customers with the highest quality products.

The Mysun automatic toast production line is a good example of the integration of high quality equipment into efficient production lines. Depending on the capacity of the production line, there are about 2,000 to 10,000 products per hour, and the line is completely designed according to customer requirements.

After preparing the dough with a kneading machine, the tape with the dough pieces is fed into the Multi-Step proofing machine. For toast production, the strap is automatically equipped with a lid after leaving the final proofer.

The baking oven can be used for baking. After baking, the product is automatically stripped on the toast production line and then descaled.

After the baked product is cooled, the empty tray is returned to the dough through the pot cooling channel. The baking quality, reliability and efficiency of the Mysun automatic toast production line meet the highest global standards.

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