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China commercial full bread bakery equipment/croissant production line

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China commercial full bread bakery equipment/croissant production line are developed to produce a wide range of products for medium to various industrial bakeries. Achieve up to 150 lines per minute. Our croissant bread machine has a capacity of up to 165,000 pieces per hour, especially for unfilled croissants on a dedicated croissant line. Filled croissants can reach 54,000 pieces per hour, filled C-shaped croissants at 48,000 pieces per hour, and unfilled croissants can reach 72,000 pieces per hour. Unfilled pinch croissants reached 50,400 pieces per hour and we reached 42,000 pieces per hour when filling.

Croissant bread production lines are one of the most popular bread production lines. For decades, Mysun has become a global leader in croissant production lines. Our new croissant breadmaker guarantees the highest production capacity and superior quality. The fully automated croissant production line represents our latest expertise and technology, significantly reducing the manufacturing costs of frozen and fresh baking applications. Almost all different types and sizes of croissants can be produced: straight, curved, filled, small or large croissants, typical Italian and Spanish artisan styles and long shelf life croissants. All types of fillings can be applied; sweet or salty, semi-liquid and solid fillings, and double-layer fillings (two-tone). It is even possible to inject the filling after baking as needed.

Main advantage

• Up to 50% cleaning and product conversion is easier and faster

• Increase production capacity to over 165,000 pieces/hour

• Improve efficiency and productivity

• Improved ergonomics due to tool weight reduction of 30-70%

• Accurate, consistent and durable

• Hygienic design

We have a lot of croissant production system configurations. At the heart of the Mysun Croissant line is the cutting and turning device. Its production capacity in terms of consistency is as high as 150 lines per minute, and the output is much higher than other machines on the market.

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