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China toast bread production line exporter

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We are China toast bread production line exporter. Our company was founded in 1984 and has earned a place in reliable manufacturing and export companies. We offer toast making machines in China and abroad.

Improving efficiency is key to developing a baking line.

Our engineers and developers are renowned in the world of bakers, cake, toast bread production lines and other baking lines. We, Mysun, know what problems need to be addressed to improve the performance of the bakery. This is why we are developing and building production lines for a growing number of bakeries around the world.

Modular construction

Our toast bread production line is modular in design and makes it easy to add machines to existing production lines or to produce on their own. This offers many possibilities for the products and production processes you choose.

Easy to use

Easy to operate is inseparable from our machines and improves job satisfaction. A clear and well-positioned control panel helps to smooth the production process. The machine is equipped with clearly marked and easy to operate buttons for setting and storing various parameters and recipes.

Materials used

We only use high quality materials and components; all our machines are made of stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials.

Toast production line in customer feedback

  • Production efficiency increased by 250%.

  • The texture and taste are much better.

  • Orders from department stores and hypermarkets increased by 320%.

  • Staff costs are reduced by 20%.

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East industrial area, Anping Country, Hengshui City, Hebei province,China.
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