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China waffle cooling tower wholesale

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In order to do Chinese waffle cooling towers wholesale better , we have established a professional import and export company to provide better services to our customers.

The waffle spiral cooling tower is ideal for on-line cooling and freezing of products. The tower allows continuous, unmanned and automatic cooling of the product.

Cooling towers are commonly used to cool bread, cakes, dough, biscuits, pastries, other baked goods, sugar, milk, and more.

The waffle spiral tower is mainly used to cool burgers, moon cakes, toasts, French bread, caterpillars, loaf production and longer cooling time varieties. We can tailor your big and small spiral towers, single towers and twin towers. .

The spiral cooling tower is a device that uses a spiral up and down conveying method to fresh out the oven and lower the temperature of the baked food to a desired temperature for bread, moon cakes, cakes, cakes and various baking fillings to cool the finished product and food processing raw materials. The screw conveyor tower is widely used in food, light industrial automation continuous production line delay conveying equipment, suitable for material cooling, freezing, freezing temperature, fermentation process.

The main function of the spiral cooling tower:


Cooling a variety of baked goods, fried foods, cooling can be divided into 2 types of natural cooling and forced cooling.


We are supporting accurate humidification air circulation and heating system, so that the breadcrumbs and other food dough in the fermentation process of the apex conveyor belt conveyor surface is generally connected to the supporting production line before and after the waffle spiral tower, which can greatly improve production efficiency and save space for users. The entire fermentation process is produced automatically by the monitoring system.

The main advantages of the spiral tower:

1, double-sided nylon rail operation is very stable, no machine and double failure. The use of high-quality frequency converters, reducers and imported Schneider Electric components to ensure the accuracy and stability of equipment operation.

2, due to the use of intelligent transmission technology, each layer of mesh belt will automatically adjust the tension to maintain a uniform transmission capacity of each layer.

3, due to the low-strength nylon card PP rail and the low friction coefficient when rotating, no need to add lubricating oil, can maintain maintenance or replacement for many years, but will not drop friction debris and contaminated food.

4. Design various imports and directions according to the user's production site.

5, safety and hygiene, the conveyor belt is food-grade plastic, high strength, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, non-stick materials, does not damage the appearance of materials and pure chip residue, in line with food industry safety standards. The mechanical parts are made of SUS304 material, the overall structure is stable, safe, long service life, the surface of the material is ground or polished, and the surface is bright and healthy.

6, the electrical core part adopts PLC programming control, touch screen operation interface, electrical components adopt international famous brand, with beautiful, intuitive, simple operation, equipped with broken belt, belt steering, overload, emergency stop, fault shutdown protection function, ensuring equipment Safety.

7, the conveying speed can be variable frequency speed regulation, free setting, beautiful appearance, stable transmission, low noise, simple operation, convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost.

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