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Chocolate cake essentials---The practice of chocolate cream

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Today introduces a foam cream derivative, chocolate cream. If you want to smear a chocolate-flavored cream when making a chocolate-flavored cake, then it's perfect for you.


mixer mixing cream

[Chocolate cream] (Reference weight: 290 g)


Ingredients: 200 grams of base cream, 80 grams of dark chocolate, 20 grams of milk, 10 grams of rum.

Production process:

1. Cut the dark chocolate into a bowl, add the milk, melt it with water-heating and stir until it is completely melted. The melted chocolate liquid is cooled to room temperature and is relatively viscous, but not solidified.

2. Use a planetary mixer egg cream mixer to beat the base cream and pour the melted chocolate into it while stirring. Until the chocolate liquid is poured all in to the bowl.

3. Add rum to the stirred cream and continue to whipped.

4, Whisk the cream smooth and delicate will be OK.

chocolate cream--planetary mixer

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