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Combination baking oven

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The combination oven is a very ordinary and versatile oven. The key operational feature of the combination oven is that heat is transferred through the hot air blown by the fan.

One advantage of using a combination oven is that the baked product will be uniformly heated throughout the process. In addition, you can also bake products at various temperatures. This includes drying meringue at 150 degrees Fahrenheit or baking burger buns at 425 degrees, dinner rolls, etc.

Another feature of many combination oven is the ability to add steam during the baking process. The addition of steam gives the roll a good shine and allows the bread to fully swell during the baking process.

In the baking industry, many different types of combination ovens are used. These types include: single rack, dual rack, 10 discs, rotating racks, and even smaller sizes designed for 1-5 pans.

For most bakeries or pastry shops, having a convection oven that allows for versatility and uniform baking is critical to their success.

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