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Commercial Bakery bread kneaders

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The ideal dough kneading machine for bakeries, because good dough can produce good baked goods! The dough in each bakery is the basis of good bread. Only those who are properly and effectively kneading can achieve the best success through baked goods. Whether it's wheat, spelling, whole wheat or rye, long or short proofs, small toasted bread or bread dough, it depends on the best kneading effect.

The commercial bakery bread kneader can easily knead dough from 60 kg to 200 kg. Even with sensitive dough such as stollen, pear bread or brioche, you can use the Mysun bread kneader for the best kneading effect. With our bakery bread kneader, the minimum amount is approximately 10% of the specified maximum number.

Low dough temperature

The powerful and precise kneading spiral blends evenly and kneads your dough strongly. Due to the large kneading hook, the kneading time is reduced, so the heating of the dough is kept extremely low. Our dough kneading machine is also suitable for bakeries and pastry shops.

Industrial motor/driver

The bowl and the kneading screw are driven by two separate motors. V-belts are used for power transmission to minimize maintenance costs, vibration and noise. The V-belt can be easily re-tensioned with two external screws.

Stainless steel

All parts in contact with the dough, such as kneading arms, dough separators and bowls, are made of high quality, food-safe stainless steel.

Robust and reliable

Due to the steel structure of the fuselage, the bread kneading machine is very strong and therefore very reliable for many years.


Our dough kneaders can be operated in manual or automatic mode. All machines have two speeds, controlled by separate timers. Even in the automatic kneading process, the direction of rotation can be reversed.


When the protective cover is lifted, the dough kneading machine will automatically turn off. All of our kneading machines are equipped with emergency stop switches that comply with current CE standards.

Pneumatic springs & cord minder

The cord minder is on the back so that the power cable is always tidy. The pneumatic springs assist the lifting of the kneading arm and hold it upright.

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