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Commercial Planetary Dough Mixer

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Commercial Planetary Dough Mixer is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding operation. Hobart’s two fixed speeds deliver the consistency you’re looking for to thoroughly knead heavy dough.

The industrial variable frequency drive (VFD) provides the high force and low revolutions per minute speed required to combine nice dish dough all day long.

Attachments to shred cheese, slice vegetables and pizza toppings can be added. The Automatic Time Recall and Shift-on-the-Fly controls mean it's even easier to create the best pie!


Benefits of Commercial Planetary Dough Mixer

Features that create even the toughest jobs a breeze.
The Mysun is the easiest-to-use Commercial Planetary Dough Mixer in the industry. Many of its features and swing out bowl are ideally suited to the mixing of pizza dough, taking the weight off your mind and your operator's back.
Trust the Mysun Dough Mixer to handle even the most demanding jobs.

A 60-quart bowl of dish dough could be a serious load.

That’s why the port Power Bowl raise are such a welcome sight to operators.

It takes the work out of blending by powering the bowl up and down.

Features of Commercial Planetary Dough Mixer

shift-on-the-fly controls

allows the operator to vary speeds whereas the Mysun Dough Mixer is running and eliminates the additional step of stopping the mixer to regulate the speed.

patented soft start agitation technology
save money by reducing wasted product.

allows for mild transition into the next speed to scale back the possibilities of product splash-out.

automatic time recall
built for efficiency for consistent results every time.

remembers the last time set for every speed, ideal for multiple batches.

20-minute smart timer
provides accurate results and eliminates over-mixing.

when this kind of convenience is normal, you can dedicate time to other tasks.

swing out bowl
no need for complicated removal procedures.

the sweep bowl makes fitting your combine and getting rid of your dough a straightforward task.


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