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Commercial burger bun production line exporter

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Commercial burger bun production line was developed to produce a variety of bread products from medium-sized bakeries to any industrial bakery. Capacity ranges from 500 to 9,000 kilograms per hour, and production continues every hour, day and year.

Commercial burger bun production line has high degree of automation and stable quality. It adopts PLC control and adopts qualified materials. The contact flour is made of stainless steel with a capacity of 100kg / h-300kg / h. A variety of high-grade breads such as the French bread, toast is very crisp, and Commercial burger bun production line is welcomed around the world. Especially in the US, India and Bangladesh, etc.

Our Commercial burger bun production line is a good example of the integration of high quality equipment into an efficient production line. This is the most classic of all industrial bakeries. Based on line capacity (about 2,000 to 12,000 products per hour), the line is designed to fit the customer's specifications and the available area of the bakery.

After the silo system and the mixing device, the dough can be applied using conventional separators and circular machines or using a tableting line. Again, the size and technology used will depend on the capacity required and the type of product desired.

After the dough pieces are placed in the tape, they are fed into the Multi-Step final proofing machine. In the case of toast production, the tape is automatically capped after leaving the final proofer. Other tin bread types can be decorated before entering the oven. The baking will be carried out in a hot oil oven or a ring heat oven. The belts of this Commercial burger bun production line are produced and coated in-house. The size of the strap is determined by the line capacity.

Transfer the pan from the oven outlet to the remover where the product is removed from the belt. In the case of a toast line, an automatic extractor is placed between the oven and the epilator. The finished product is delivered through a spiral cooling system. The empty tray returns to the dough deposit by means of a cooling channel. If there are different belt types on the line, the pan storage will be responsible for automatic pan replacement when other bread types must be produced.

The manpower level of this Commercial burger bun production line is extremely low and basically only needs to be in the dough preparation area. The baking quality, reliability and efficiency of this line meet the highest standards in the world.

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