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Common baking ingredients--Flour(1)

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About the flour, everyone will not be unfamiliar, so do you really know about flour? Flour is a powder made from wheat. According to the content of internal protein, we can divide it into high-gluten flour, medium-gluten flour and low-gluten flour. These three are also the most basic raw materials in our baking. now I will tell about these three types of flour.

High-gluten flour

The protein content of high-gluten flour is generally between 11% and 13% (it is best to buy 13%, but the price is generally expensive), the color is relatively deep, and the hand is not easy to form a clot. Because of its high activity and smooth surface, it is very suitable for us to use to baking bread, so it is also called "bread flour". Of course, when making meringue Western-style cakes (such as Melaleuca, puffs, etc.), we also often use them. So high-gluten flour is one of the essential ingredients in our baking.

Medium-gluten flour

Medium-gluten flour is the flour that we usually touch the most. Generally, our Chinese food buns, dumplings, noodles, etc. are made from this type of flour. If there is no special marks on the Chinese market, it should be this medium-gluten flour. For the baking, there is not much place to use this type of flour. But as a Chinese family, this type of flour is definitely very common at home~

Low-gluten flour

The protein content of low-gluten flour is about 7%-9%, the color is relatively white, the hand is easy to form a clot, and it is not easy to loose after loosening the hand. Because of its low gluten, it is very suitable for making cakes, biscuits and other such pastries. So if you fall in love with baking, you must always have low-gluten flour at home~


Through the above knowledge, we know that the most commonly used baking is high-gluten flour and low-gluten flour. How to distinguish high-gluten and low-gluten flour? Here, the Chinese Baking Network teaches you a trick to distinguish between high-gluten and low-gluten flour. Grab a bunch of flour with your hands and open your hand to see whether the flour is loose. If it form a clot ,it is low-gluten flour ,vice versa. And it can also be observed through the color, the high-gluten flour are deeper and the  low-gluten flour are whiter.

With good flour, of course, there must be have a good dough mixer. You can choose mysun baking machine!

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