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Common baking ingredients--Flour(2)

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In the previous section, we explained the most basic raw material in baking--flour. but you should never think that you only need high-gluten and low-gluten flour for baking are enough. There are still many different flour types that we need to use . Today, I will add introductions and usage of some other types of flour.

Whole wheat flour

Whole wheat flour, as its name implies, is a flour that has been milled and screened using whole grain wheat, which retains all the endosperm, germ and bran in the wheat. If you look carefully, you can see that there is smashed bran in the whole wheat flour. Whole wheat flour has a rough taste, but the wheat scent is mellow. Generally we can use it to make whole wheat bread or biscuits, both delicious and nutritious~

Corn starch


This kind of starch is common in our daily life, and it is often used in making soup in Chinese food. But here we mainly talk about its usage in baking. Because the corn starch is added with water and heated to about 65 degrees, it can produce gelation, so we generally use it to make pastry fillings such or pudding. It is also often seen in the ingredients of various Western-style biscuits.

Self-raising flour

Generally used in bread or other dishes that require flour to bulk, although the spontaneous powder seen everywhere in the mall is both time-saving and labor-saving, but MYSUN does not recommend that you choose such products. In fact, the essence of Self-raising flour is that the flour is mixed with baking powder, swelling agent and other additives to speed up the dough become bulk. If there is nothing urgent, waiting in the baking process is also a kind of enjoyment~

Ok, the knowledge and introduction about flour is here for the time being, thank you all. If you need spiral dough mixer , come to us !

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