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Comparation Mysun rotary oven and other brand rotary oven made in china

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1, Baking uniformity:

A Mysun stove top, middle and lower temperature uniform, outside the baking pan, the inside evenly.

B Other brands, rotary oven, the upper ,middle,and lower temperature not uniform. The temperature is higher when near to bottom, the suaface of product will show different because i hot air circulation system design is not perfect.

2, Baking time is short, large output.

A Mysun rotary oven: Grilled bread only 15 minutes, toast only 30 minutes.

B Other brands: roasted bread for 18 minutes, baked toast 35 minutes.

3,The insulation performance:

A Mysun’s rotary oven passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and CE certification, in line with EU standards.

B Other brands are factory-set enterprise standards, low requirements.


4, Burner performance:

A Mysun using Italian burner, full combustion, failure rate is low.

B Other brands used in other brands of different, incomplete combustion,more failure.

5, The heat exchange device:

A Mysun designed and manufactured for a long time, technology is mature, advanced technology, circulating hot air will not be mixed with diesel.

B Other brands in the initial stage, the technology still need to improve, the heat exchange device more failure. Diesel air through the heat exchanger mixed with hot air. open the oven chamber will smell the diesel flavor, the product affected.

6, The temperature control system:

A Mysun accurate temperature control, the error is small.

B Other brands oven temperature control will make much error.

7, The failure rate:

A Mysun less failure, all imported parts, quality and low maintenance costs

      B Other brands use domestic parts, failure and maintenance costs highly.

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