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Cooling tower uses -Mysun advanced cooling tower technology

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Cooling Tower

Large food plants generally use cooling towers to cool finished products , so let's talk about its use today.

Cooling towers, also known as buffer towers or spiral towers, are mainly used to cool large-volume cakes, breads, hot-processed pastries, and moon cakes. Its automatic transmission is not only fast, but also efficient, and it also saves space and cost. The Mesa cooling tower can be customized according to customer needs. First, the Mesa spiral cooling tower uses imported Schneider Electric components and high quality converters and reducers. Intelligent drive technology that allows the belt to automatically adjust tension and maintain the same transmission force. Secondly, the double-sided nylon sticky track is used, which runs smoothly and is not easy to block the product. The diameter of the spiral tower ranges from 1.5 meters to 12 meters. The maximum height is 6 meters, 1-4 layers. The bandwidth range is 480-680mm, and the length range can be customized according to the customer's output and site.

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