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Deck oven

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Craftsman-style bakers or people who make certain types of bread generally prefer deck ovens. Their stone cooking decks heat up, giving the shell a unique brittle character while maintaining a soft and moist interior. Deck ovens take up a lot of space compared to convection ovens, so keep this in mind if space is limited. However, due to their relatively simple design and few moving parts, they can be used for a long time and operate without much trouble. Single decks ovens and multi-deck deck ovens are available.

Mysun's Deck Oven is designed by bakers for bakers; the wonderful mellow baking makes it ideal for producing real handmade breads and high-end confectionery products.

Every component of Deck Oven is built separately, which means it can be delivered and installed on site through standard doorways; the perfect solution for limited access to bakeries and bakeries in the basement or upper level. It also has the benefit of being able to expand the number of decks in the future if needed.

Deck Oven combines the best of traditional baking techniques with efficient modern engineering and unparalleled baking control.

This easy-to-use oven can be used with the New Eco-Touch controller or classic controller.

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