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Difference of Spiral dough mixer vs Planetary Mixer-Planetary mixer

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In last article , I have said some things about the peoples hesitations and some advantages of spiral dough mixer and why some bread bakers prefer to spiral dough mixer . this article ,I will talk about some advantages and difference of planetary mixer .

Whether you're engaged in making pizza, cakes, breads or pastries, you may have a common understanding - a good mixer play a very important role in your restaurant.Even if you understand this, it can be more challenging to determine which type of mixer will meet your unique needs.

One of the biggest benefits of planetary mixers is that most of them come standard with power hubs on the front of the mixer. This feature allows the mixer to accommodate additional interchangeable appliances or mixer accessories, making it a versatile choice. Therefore, it can not only handle the dough, but also add extras. It can also whip potatoes, make batter, slice or chopped vegetables, and even grind meat!

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