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Difference of Spiral dough mixer vs Planetary Mixer-Spiral dough mixer

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I have read some posts in other website . some people have some doubts in spiral mixer and planetary mixer . the questions like the following words .

why one would prefer a spiral mixer over a planetary mixer?why they don't make a small spiral mixer? Etc.

Based on my research from my customers and internet, planetary mixer and spiral mixer are the most popular mixer types in bakeries and pizzerias.  As the equipment gets bigger, the spiral mixer becomes more likely. As it gets smaller, the planetary mixer is more likely. but there are some people curious as to know why someone would bother with a spiral mixer instead of a planetary mixer for the same capacity?

somebody may say that planetary mixers can do anything a spiral mixers does, why the mixer still separate planetary mixer and spiral mixer under the both are very popular conditions. Indeed, planetary mixers and spiral mixers have many similarities in functions. but they really have some difference.

Today , we talk about the spiral mixers first .Spiral mixers are greatful machines depending upon the applications. Generally, spiral mixer works best with higher moisture formulations 60% plus, and they knead the dough in a slower and more gentle way. The dough will much more soft and fine and smooth, This directly leads to the taste of the bread.They are the preferred chosen mixers of bread bakers and pizza makers in Europe. So if you mainly making bread , the spiral mixer is first-class chosen.

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