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Differences between planetary and spiral mixers

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In the baking industry, Bakery Bread Dough Mixers are considered a common necessity. Planetary and spiral mixers are still the most commonplace, although other types of mixers exist. When considering which option is best for your store, be sure to evaluate your product range and yield. In general, although a planetary dough mixer offers the most features, it may not be the best choice for your particular product. On the other hand, if your business is focused on bread production, a screw mixer may be the right choice for you.

The main function of the spiral mixer is to gently mix the bread dough to form a suitable gluten structure without over-processing the dough. This is because the bowl of the agitator rotates when the spiral hook rotates and kneads the dough. The benefit of this action is that the helical hook only kneads a portion of the entire dough at a given time. This keeps the frictional heat low, providing a more even mixing.

Similar to planetary dough mixers, spiral mixers can also be used with variable speeds, which facilitates the development of dough. When the dough is mixed in a spiral, the low speed helps to mix the mixture into a uniform mass; and high speed means developing the gluten structure of the dough. The size of these mixers is also measured by the volume of the bowl.

For example 30, 40, 60, 120, 180 liters or more capacity. Spiral mixers are also suitable for larger mixtures (in liters, relative to the quarts of planetary mixers. Available features for the spiral mixer include detachable bowls and trolleys. This facilitates the transportation of large dough batches and allows the bakery to maintain multiple mixing bowls ready for production.

Typically, this type of mixer does not have interchangeable accessories. Spiral mixers are most commonly used to mix bread dough and can handle a variety of different dough types. This includes very hard doughs with low levels of hydration; and high hydrated dough types such as ciabatta. Some bakeries also extend the production of their machines beyond the bread. Some examples include mixing pie dough together and mixing scones and biscuits.

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