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Do you all know how Danish bread is rolled up? It use what machine ?

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As a person who loves sweets very much, it is really difficult to resist the temptation of delicious, but fortunately, I have a good habit of not to Excessive consumption of sweets every time! Today, let's talk to friends about some crispy sweet and delicious sweets!

In China, crispy desserts are also called snack cakes, there are walnut cakes,  osmanthus crisps, snowflake cakes, banana cakes, bergamot cakes, white skin cakes etc. Chinese specialties. There are also western pastry dishes such as shredded bread, record bread, croissants (also called croissants), durian cakes and cookies. The characteristics of Danish bread are that there are many layers, also called Melaleuca bread.

So do you all know how Danish bread is rolled up? Yes, it is to use the professional machine "dough sheeter" to press the dough to very thin layer . The food processed by the dough sheeter has better baking effect, uniform thickness, and The Danish bread produced is layered and outside crispy and inside tender. Of course, good machines make better results. MYSUN machinery can be the first choice. Directly speaking, it pays attention to details and pursues quality!

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