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Do you know the difference of various kind of baking oven ?

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For how to make bread more delicious and beautiful, I believe that many bakers are constantly researching and innovating for this. But in fact, there are truly differences in the taste and color of bread which baking in different ovens. today ,we talk about some difference about such as electric ovens and steam ovens .

1)Electric oven

In fact, The most commonly used in baking shops is the electric oven,(such as deck oven), which is cost-low,effective-high and easy to operate. However, some electric ovens have the disadvantage that the preheating temperature is slower, and the baking tray needs to be turned over in the process of baking the bread so as to be evenly heated. (Of course , some good deck oven don't have this problem , such as MYSUN brand deck oven )


2)Steam oven

For grilled European bread or French bread, it is more suitable for steam ovens. If it is also equipped with slate, the baking effect is better. French and European bread baked in a slate-and-steam oven, the volume is round and full, and the temperature is higher than that of a normal oven. (The steam function is equivalent to humidifying the bread. After humidification, the central part of the stick is soft and does not dry. The function of the slate is to make the appearance of the stick become crisp.) It is also called the European furnace.


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