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Do you know this about doughnut?

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Why do children like donuts so much? There is a reason. The donut is also known as Dolce. It is said that a mother in the United States she do not fully cooked when the fried bread is made to her son due to insufficient frying time. But the witty mother sneaked out the middle part and then re-fried it. Afterwards, it was found that the fried bread was not only delicious but also very interesting.


After a series of improvements, we saw these various styles of donuts. As for why the donuts are so attractive to the children, personally feel that not only because of its sweet taste, but also with chocolate or strawberry coating on it, and some with a variety of cartoon chocolate products. So the appearance is enough to attract many children who love sweets!

T1qiM_FzxaXXXXXXXX_!!0-item_picSo the secret of a delicious doughnut is how to completely fry it in a short time? I believe many customers are looking for machines that specialize in making doughnuts. We recommended a new donut machine to the large-volume merchants. Its easy operation, health and environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency also make the doughnuts produced, the shape is complete, the inside is full and the taste is soft!


Mysun donut machine is divided into three energy modes, including electric power, gas, and electric fuel, which can be selected by customers. It can make doughnuts with a diameter of 30-100mm.doughnut machine

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