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Do you know which machine are the basic machine for a bread bakery shop ?

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Open a bakery, the purchase of equipment is a very important link, choose the right one for you, will let you promote your business development, choose not suitable, will constrain your business development! What basic baking equipment is needed to open a bakery? Do you need to buy all equipment concerning baking? of course not! Now MYSUN tells you what equipment is basically needed to open the bakery.

First equipment, A dough mixer which used to mixing flour to making dough for bread .

          dough mixer planetary mixer

Second equipment, You need a dough divider to divide the dough evenly. Many times the bread is sold according to the number,So it is best to have almost the same weight of each bread.

Third equipment, you need a proofer to wake up the dough.

Forth equipment, you needs an electric or gas oven. You can choose Deck oven or a small hot air convection oven or a big rotary convection oven, it's depending on your baking output quantity.

               baking ovens

Of course if you need to shape the bread, you can buy one corresponding machine.

These all machines you can pick in MYSUN, I promise the quality.

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