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Dough Mixer --Do you know how important a good dough mixer is for excellent dough ?

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Almost Everyone know that the main materials used to make bread are flour, water, sugar, salt, yeast, plus whole grains or stir-mixed with eggs, milk, etc. First step is just to complete the mixing of the flour into the dough,very easy,so most people think that it’s enough to use ordinary mixer.But does the quality of your dough mixer really pass? Do you think the dough from different mixers are almost same? Even though most of dough mixer on the sales in the market looks similar, but in actually fact the product details between the brands are quite different.

The first thing to say is dough,the dough makes by dough mixer of Mysun is not only tough, but also has a high water absorption rate and a faster film output rate, which determines the bread taste and more importantly saves much more time(the water absorption rate is determined by the distance between the mixing bowl and the cylinder wall and the bottom of the cylinder). Followed by the quality, the durability of the dough mixer machine has a lot to do with the belt used , the belt plays a key role in the entire dough mixer, so the belt quality affects the length of its life directly.

Only Good dough mixer can make excellent dough.All in all,in the selection of process, decisions must be made on the basis of their quality rather than blindly focusing on which one is cheaper.Expensive is not aim, right chosen is final target, don't focus only on cheap, pay much attention to quality!

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