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Dough Pressing Machine China Wholesale

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A dough pressing machine for flattening a certain amount of dough which can be used as an outer shell of a food such as a pizza. The dough pressing machine has a vertically movable upper platen having a bottom surface and a lower platen having a top surface. The lower platen is movable from one position to a position whereby the bottom surface of the upper platen and the top surface of the lower platen are substantially aligned with one another such that the upper platen moves vertically downward against the lower platen. The dough pressing machine includes a sensor for detecting alignment of the lower platen with the upper platen such that when the lower platen is substantially out of alignment with the upper platen, the upper platen is vertically immovable. 

The vertical movement of the upper platen is achieved by electromechanical means, wherein the electric thrust actuator is in communication with the upper platen. The operation of the dough press provides efficient product manufacture due to the pressing capability of the upper platen and is safe for the operator due to the inoperability of the upper platen unless the lower platen is properly aligned with the upper platen for normal pressing operations. In this way, product volume and worker protection are improved.

Automatic pressing machine pressing machine main frame, transmission, transport folding parts, plow parts. Mainly adopting the chain drive transmission part, it has the characteristics of stable transmission and low noise. The conveying and folding part is our patented technology, which realizes automatic folding with different line speeds, instead of heavy manual operation, that is, health and safety, and realizes civilized production. Open the surface part of the pressure roller, the lower roller and the adjustable roller. The adjustable roller uses the patented technology of our factory, and the operation is simple and reliable.

Working Principle of Dough Pressing Machine 

The dough is dosed on the next conveyor belt, the dough pressing machine is started, and the dough rolls and rolls are automatically sent to the room, and the feed and pressure surface engineering are automatically performed on the conveyor. By automatically transferring the pressure conveyor belt, using different line speeds, the dough is automatically folded and transported, fed, and rotated. After repeated frictional pressure, the desired pressure surface effect is achieved. The roll gap adjustment is achieved by the turbine pair and the eccentric mechanism to achieve stepless thickness, allowing the user to grasp the actual situation and the pasta process.

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