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Electronic Planetary Mixers

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Electronic Planetary Mixers are ideal for general purpose machines. They are ideal for mixing, beating, whipping, batter, cake mixes and occasional dough or pastries. They should never be used occasionally as a dough or pastry blender and then only use 1 speed. Continuous use of these machines as kneading machines or the use of incorrect speeds can lead to premature wear and may void the warranty.

Mysun is a leading supplier of the finest heavy duty planetary mixers. These Electronic Planetary Mixers are commonly used to mix a variety of foods. Due to their high performance, elegant surface treatment and impeccable design, these Electronic Planetary Mixers are highly demanding in the market. The Electronic Planetary Mixers can also be used for small and commercial blending requirements in all food processing and food industries. Electronic Planetary Mixers also offers different types of blenders and bowls upon request.

Electronic Planetary Mixers is a machine designed to mix all dough types, pizza, bread and short bread in a commercial setting.The maximum capacity in all cases is based on the minimum content of dry bread flour and 55% water content. Overloading the machine and/or using incorrect speeds can result in damage and void the warranty.

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