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Fermentation's importance--MYSUN Proofer

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Today, I was fortunate enough to visit the customer factory, all kinds of flower-shaped steamed buns and bread cake, it is so tempting that case me extremely want to taste each bread! In fact, good-looking bread can be done at home. Mothers can choose to work with their children on weekends to stimulate their ability to improve their appetite and promote parent-child relationships.

Show everyone a variety of cute little dessert. 

cute bread

To make a successful dessert, Fermentation is crucial. The time too short, skin can not be fully initiated, and the time is too long,the dough will be sour. Today, I will introduce to you about MYSUN's proofer. There are multiple specifications of the proofer. There are small proofer for the bakery shop. We also can customize the big proofer room for large food factories to meet the needs of different customers. MYSUN equipment uses imported electrical components, steam generator, high sensitivity temperature and humidity probe, probe temperature accuracy of ± 1.5 ° C, probe humidity accuracy of ± 2%. The temperature and humidity in the whole room are even, which can effectively avoid the problem that the door inlet humidity is large and the outlet humidity is small. MYSUN custom-made proofer room is the smart choice for making steamed buns, cakes and breads!

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