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Full-automatic custard/cup cake production line

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Full-automatic custard/cup cake production line is a multi-purpose fully automatic core pie production line developed on the basis of existing equipment to meet the various needs of different food factories. It can produce core stuffed cream pies and cup cakes, as well as different molds for different shapes.

Our Full-automatic custard/cup cake production line is a turnkey solution for the production of cakes such as bear cakes, cakes, Madeleine cakes, cream cakes, minimal manual input ring cakes, optimum yield and maximum yield.

Our Full-automatic custard/cup cake production line is based on state-of-the-art equipment in Europe and combines the realities of individual workshops. The automatic cake line collects electricity, light and machine in one. It has the advantages of high automation, large product capacity, few workers, few products involved in the product, long warranty period, etc., and is very popular in food factories. The equipment is divided into five parts: batter mixing, baking oven, filling, cooling and disinfection, (additional), equipment can be combined into a semi-automatic, high-capacity production line), you can choose different types of tunnel furnaces (such as electrical, diesel, gas .hot oil)

Main feature:

Full-automatic custard/cup cake production line development integrates electricity, light, gas and machine into one, with high automation and high output.

◇There is an observation window on the oven for viewing during operation.

◇There is less manual contact with the product and easy to operate.

◇The production line is reasonable in design, stable in operation, cleaning device, and energy efficient.

◇ Provides plant-wide planning, personalized training and technical formulations.

◇The product has a long shelf life

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