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Hamburger bun production line manufacturer

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Hamburger bun production line is capable of producing a variety of toast breads, with different dough types and different bread structures. The line is equipped with a spiral kneading machine and a bowl lift to increase work efficiency.

Mysun industrial Hamburger bun production line is designed for medium to large industrial bread producers and can produce a wide range of products. From tin bread to highly absorbent handmade bread, from pre-fermented to "green" dough. Thanks to its unique modular design and various mobile units, flexibility and fast production transitions are guaranteed. This reduces the return on investment compared to a dedicated industrial bread production line, making the Hamburger bun production line the world's most ideal industrial bread production line.

Main advantage

 Ensure the highest product quality thanks to the unique low stress feed and makeup parts

 Excellent weight control

 Design according to the highest level of hygiene

 Absolute minimum usage of flowers

 User-friendly PLC line control with recipe management and automatic speed and height adjustment

The best quality infinite variety

Versatility is key to the Mysun Hamburger bun production line. Thanks to its modular setup, this flexible production line allows you to produce a variety of breads by simply replacing one or more modules.

A good recipe is the basis for the quality of your bread. Since our aim is to produce a wide range of high quality breads, Mysun's Hamburger bun production line can handle a wide range of formulations, including those with high moisture (strong hydration) or low salt content, biological ingredients, or no bran. Quality, pre-fermented, levain, mother dough, biga and sponge dough. All of these formulations produce a very wide range of bread products. If you want to produce tin bread, we focus on achieving a fine and consistent bread crumb structure, just like superabsorbent handmade bread, we focus on getting a light, real and open bread structure. No matter what kind of bread product you want to produce, dough processing will not give us any secrets.

Although Mysun's Hamburger bun production line was developed to produce a wide range of international bread types, we can take additional steps and apply main strengths to develop custom modules that fit your specific needs.

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