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Hamburger cooling tower exporter

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As a Hamburg cooling tower exporter, our company enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad.

The spiral cooling tower is an advanced and efficient air cooling system widely used in many industrial fields, especially in the field of bread baking.

The spiral cooling tower is equipped with layer-by-layer transmission technology, similar to the technology used in European technology. The gear motor drives a spindle that rotates a gear on each layer of the cooling tower that moves the conveyor belt. Each gear has an intelligent power transmitter that regulates the power of the conveyor.

The Hamburg spiral cooling tower enables continuous, fully automated production, thus significantly reducing labor costs. The belt speed is variable, so the retention time from the inlet to the outlet is very flexible. It is suitable for cooling many different types of products. Cooling is better by using forced air cooling.

The main products developed by American transfer technology modular mesh belt conveyor technology have the advantages of stable operation, simple operation, low maintenance cost, meeting the safety and hygiene requirements of the food industry, and the delayed delivery function device of the food industry automation continuous production line.

The layer-by-layer spiral tower will slow down the motor power through the shaft drive gears of each layer and move through each layer of the moving gear network. Each gear with a smart power transmitter automatically adjusts the drive power.

Features of Hamburg spiral cooling tower :

1. Double-sided nylon conveyor chain belt is stable during operation and will not get stuck or upturned.

2. Each belt can automatically adjust the power to keep the power equal because it has intelligent transmission technology. The speed is variable.

3. High-strength nylon conveyor belt and low-friction food grade pp rail. The machine has an automatic lubrication system so you don't need to add lubricant and you don't need to repair or replace any components for years.

4. We can design different input and output directions according to the customer's workshop area, namely low input and high output; high input and low output; two inputs and two outputs; three inputs and three outputs; elliptical tower.

5. Hamburg spiral cooling tower can save space.

6. Suitable for baked goods, vegetables, fruits, meat and fish.

7. To ensure the durability of the machine, the frame is made of stainless steel 304 or 201 square steel tubes.

8. Using a spiral tower in the tank will leave food debris, oil and other adhesions on the belt. Our researchers have developed a high-pressure automatic cleaning system that can perform cleaning work within 1-2 hours while automatically drying the belt. We have three types: single tower, twin tower or elliptical tower.

9. Variable frequency, geared motors and German Schnelder Electric components.

10. Belt conveyors may include bends, bevels or spirals.

Application of Hamburg spiral cooling tower :

1. The cooling tower is used as a cooling and transport conveyor device for baking foods such as bread, hamburgers, pizza, biscuits, waffles, dough, pastries, toast, cakes, pita, moon cakes, etc.

2. Suitable for demoulding products, fast cooling separately on the conveyor belt.

3. If the heating humidification system is increased, it can also be used as a proofing room.

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