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Healthy Living, Healthy Eating--MYSUN

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what? Still staying up late every night to watching Soap opera?Beware of your body, the majority of friends can pay attention to your bodies.Why not use yogurt, low sugar toast or whole wheat bread to get rid of instant noodles, barbecues, and beer ?Compared with instant noodles, bread has both nutrition and satiety, and it helps digestion.

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However, it is recommended that you do not stay up late, staying up late not only affects the normal metabolism of the human body function, but also reduces the body's immunity, resulting in decreased resistance, which can cause disease. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise properly, eat more fruits and vegetables, and arrange rest time reasonably to ensure the normal functioning of the body functions. In addition, long-term not eating breakfast will make the body in a sub-health state, and have a certain impact on the stomach. If you only eat refined rice noodles for a long time, if you do not eat fruits and vegetables, not only the nutritional imbalance will lead to vitamin deficiency. Therefore, Mesa suggested that you can change the daily fine staple food into coarse grains every three or five times, for example, replace the staple food with whole wheat bread. Although these coarse grains have no good taste, they are beneficial to human health.

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