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How to choose the energy support for baking oven?

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For the baking ovens,we have different choices for the energy support,the universal is gas-fored or electric powered. Usually the electric type can be treated as a good option as the little preparation for the installation.But if we pursue the high output ,gas-fired baking oven will be the better selection.


As gas is a power option for baking ovens, you must think about the gas security,such as line harnesses, quick disconnect valves. You also need to make sure the right gas type which you selected,LPG or natural gas.


High output efficiency is very important for continuous operation and high temperature baking.

While the electric ovens are available in smaller units. If we want to get the higher output as the gas powered oven,it will cost a very high voltage.So the electric type is suitable for the flexible commercial kitchen or bakery shop.

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