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How to control the temperature and humidity of bread fermentation

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About how to control the temperature and humidity of the bread fermentation,I have explained in the bread novice strategy before. But it may not be very eye-catching, so many people are not seen. Now in the winter, this problem is more prominent, so here is a unified answer. The method used is for reference only. If you have a better method, welcome to discuss it!


It takes two fermentations to make bread, and we always see the requirements for the two fermentations in the recipe. The first fermentation generally requires a temperature of 28-32 ° C, which is very convenient, usually fermented at room temperature, even if the temperature is not reached, can be solved by prolonging the fermentation time, and at this time the dough is not shaped, directly with plastic wrap Or cover the dough with a damp cloth to create enough humidity.

The second fermentation can be difficult, and the temperature is generally required to be above 35 ° C and humidity above 80%. The family does not have a professional fermentation proofer. What should I do to achieve such a condition? (of course , if you are bakery shop , a professional proofer is good for you) At the second fermentation, the dough is usually shaped and placed on a baking sheet. At this point, put the baking tray in the middle or upper layer of the oven, put a plate of hot water at the bottom of the oven, and close the oven door. The oven has a certain sealing effect, the hot water tray at the bottom will continue to emit water vapor, creating enough temperature and humidity inside the oven.

This is a fermentation method suitable for home use, and because of this, it does not control the exact temperature and humidity like a professional fermentation proofer. We only need to ensure that the temperature and humidity are within a certain range, and it is not required to accurately reach the required level of the formula. If you have a professional proofer, you don't need to consider this problem. Set the temperature and humidity.

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