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How to judge whether the cake is cooked?

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Recently, I found out that many novice friends are vague about the concept of whether a cake is cooked! Many times everyone feels by feeling, there is no standard of judgment! This directly led to the fact that many of the friends' cakes were taken out without being cooked, or they were overcooked and they did not know. Then today, the webmaster will give you a detailed introduction to the method of judging whether the cake is cooked or not!


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Observe & Pressing method (recommended)

This is a method that the webmaster personally feels more practical and reliable. After learning the principle of cake maturity, we know that after the cake is cooked, the excess water vapor will slowly evaporate to the outside of the cake, so the cake volume will fall back from the highest point. We observe that the cake has dropped significantly after reaching the highest point. This shows that the cake is basically mature. At this point, we put on insulated gloves, put a chopstick (or hand) into the oven, press the surface of the cake center. If the elasticity is good and the rebound is obvious, the cake is mature and can be taken out of the oven. On the other hand, if the collapse is obvious, the rebound is not enough, indicating that it is not fully mature. (The slight rustling sound does not necessarily mean that the cake is not mature. The focus is on elasticity. The internal tissue elasticity of a perfectly ripe cake is very large.)

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