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How to maintain the deck oven after baking?

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Deck Oven

All machines need careful maintain as knows.If we maintain the deck oven according the requirement, the oven can serve us with long life.

1.All the cleaning and maintenance work must be performed after oven has been disconnected from power supply and cool down.

2.After baking, open the loading door of deck oven to release vaporous wastes and take residue out of chamber. It can prevent next batch of products from peculiar smell and taste.

3.The deck oven can be cleaned with damp cloth. Do not clean stainless portion with chlorine detergent and tools which may scratch stainless surface. It is important to thoroughly remove the detergent left at surface, but do not flush the oven with water directly as it may result in short circuit.

4.Check the controller, door seal, cable and water hose oftentimes to ensure them in good condition.

5.If the circuit breaker trips, disconnect the oven from power supply and attempt to reset. If the oven doesnt work properly or still trips after reset, please ask technician for a through check.

Deck Oven

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