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How to use and maintain the planetary mixer?

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1. Cakes are not like breads that are swelled by yeast fermentation. The cake is made of egg and oil expansion to make the product soft, so it must be beaten with an planetary mixer.

2. Mysun cake mixer is equipped with  ball,  fan and stirring hook. It can be used to make cakes, creams, fillings, etc. It can also stir a small amount of dough.

3. Mysun planetary mixer three-speed gear, the speed is fast, the amount of bubbles is evenly distributed, and the expansion rate of the cake after entering the oven is high. The tissue is fine, soft and tastes good after being baked. And the use of star gear, rotating shaft and gear through special heat treatment processing, imported accessories, low noise, durable.

4. Do not move the bowl up and down when the planetary mixer is working, to ensure that the ball is not subject to wear and tear, prolong the life, and not over-mixing.

5. Clean the egg ball, stir the fan, and stir the batter on the hook. Do not strike on the hard object. This will damage the tool and should be cleaned with a brush. When cleaning the machine head, use a wet towel to wipe the equipment. Do not rinse with water to prevent water from entering the machine or the inside of the bearing, resulting in equipment damage.Planetary-Mixer

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