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How to whisk egg whites ?(1)--whisking concept

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The word “whisking” is often encountered in a variety of baking recipes and tutorials, and it plays a decisive role in our entire baking process. Regarding the whisking, one or two sentences can't said all of it. The common types of beaten are: " egg whites whisking, whole egg whisking , butter whisking , butter & egg whisking , fresh cream whisking ". today, let's talk about the things about "whisking concept" .

Before talking about whisk egg white, first spread the concept of whisking. It is an important process in our baking process. It is used in almost all Western bakery.It means that the material is quickly stirred by the egg beater, and a large amount of air is mixed into the material, so that the volume of the raw material becomes bulky and thick.Use of the released material to baked can achieve a bulky appearance and a soft mouth-feel. According to the different materials, the points of attention are different. Mysun will describe it in detail next article.


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